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Are you in the service sector? Are you looking to reduce your costs whilst maintaining high standards of customer service?

Whatever the size of your service fleet, investing in a GPS In Vehicle Monitoring System will provide a number of benefits for your service company, including:

Improved Safety

Whatever the nature of your business, safety should be paramount.

In addition to protecting their drivers and clients, service sector companies must also be aware of the potential liability issues surrounding their fleets. If one of your vehicles is suspected of being involved in an incident, it is important that you can prove where it was, or where it wasn’t. If necessary, data from GPS In Vehicle Monitoring Systems can be used as proof of your vehicle’s location in legal proceedings.


Reduced Costs

Increasing the visibility of your fleet and monitoring your drivers’ behaviour is thought to be one of the best ways to lower fuel consumption, and the associated costs. Knowing exactly where your drivers are allows you to optimise your fleet, reducing the distance driven, CO2 emission, and ultimately, expenditure.


Improved Customer Service

If you know exactly where your drivers are, you can let your customers know exactly when they should arrive. In the event that you need to replace or re-allocate a driver, you can use the system to see who is close by and able to complete the job.


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