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Does your business rent or lease out cars and other vehicles? Are you taking every available precaution to ensure that you minimise the risks involved?

No matter what precautions you take, if your business rents or leases out any asset, there is always an element of risk involved.


Al Tareeq GPS In Vehicle Monitoring Systems, help to minimise the risks by allowing you to track your assets in real time and ensure the timely return of your assets. If the worst happens and you need to recover your assets, the tracking system will provide assistance.

Improved Condition and Lifespan

In Vehicle Monitoring Systems enable you to monitor the performance of your vehicles and pro-actively schedule services and repairs. This will optimise your fleet, minimise downtime, and ultimately, increase profits.

Our technology will give you an insight into vehicle data, including:

·         Distance travelled

·         Fuel consumption

·         Average speed

·         Average engine run time

·         Moving time

·         RPM

·         Hard break occurrences

 Theft Protection and Recovery

Your vehicles are at risk of being stolen both when they are on your property, and when they are in the care of your customers. If anything does happen to one of your vehicles, our GPS In Vehicle Monitoring Systems will enable you to track its exact location in real time and retrieve it. This will, in turn, minimise costs incurred by replacing lost or stolen vehicles.


Knowledge Gate for Information Technology LLC

We, KGIT, are a leading IT solutions provider offering services in the fields of Fleet Management, Location Based Services, E-Learning, Tourism and more.


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