Are you looking for a way to increase the productivity and efficiency of your construction company? Have you found a way to limit potential fraud and waste?

At Al Tareeq, we use our extensive experience and expertise in order to create innovative GPS In Vehicle Monitoring Systems that will allow you to track your vehicles and assets, enhancing your operations and reduce your costs.  Giving you the ability to track your assets whether they are at work or in storage, our Al Tareeq In Vehicle Monitoring Systems make construction easier, more efficient, and more secure.We pride ourselves in fully understanding the specific needs and expectations of each individual sector in which we work. Large-scale construction projects require a large number of workers, tools, and vehicles. The very nature of the construction industry also means that vehicle monitoring devices need to be durable and sturdy.

Employing this technology will benefit your construction company in a number or ways

Increased Efficiency

Monitoring your employees and vehicles will allow you to identify ways in which you can cut out waste and consequently increase productivity and efficiency. You will also be able to identify the tools and resources you need in order to perform more efficiently, as well as effectively deploying both equipment and employees, keeping track of time-wasting processes and employees and tracking high-risk assets.

GPS In Vehicle Monitoring Systems also reduce the level of manual input required in terms of accounting, compliance, training and paperwork. By automating your monitoring systems, the mountains of paperwork can be replaced by the click of a button.  



Safety and Security

Our GPS In Vehicle Monitoring Systems ensure that you always know where your vehicles are and what they are doing. In the event of an emergency or an unexpected incident, you can quickly and efficiently locate the vehicle involved and act accordingly to resolve the situation.

Many of our specially designed products also monitor the maintenance of your vehicles and machinery, ensuring that they continue to function in a safe and reliable manner.

Reduced Expenditure

By utilising a GPS monitoring system, construction companies can save money in a number of areas of their business, from cutting fuel costs to eliminating avoidable repairs.


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