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Increase Efficiency

By allowing you to track, monitor and manage your delivery fleet, you can identify inefficient practices and take measures to eliminate them from your operations.  Our technology will enable you to see if your drivers are taking the optimum routes, how long they are taking for their breaks, and if they are where they say they are.

If your employees know that they’re being monitored, they are much less likely to remain on task and avoid any unscheduled pit stops on their journey. Whilst you may only monitor your employees if/when problems arise, knowing that you have the ability to do so should reduce such problems automatically.

Is your delivery business transporting goods from one location to another in the most efficient and economical way possible? Are you looking for ways to enhance your level of customer service? Do you know where your delivery assets are at all times?

Our GPS Tracking Systems allow you to track your assets in real time, optimising your efficiency and productivity whilst monitoring employees and improving security. The benefits that one of our In Vehicle Monitoring Systems can bring to your company are numerous.

Optimise Customer Service

Access to real time location information means that you can give your customers very precise information about when they should receive their package and, if their delivery is delayed due to traffic or a closed road, for example, you will be able to see this straight away and let your customer know.

Optimise Security

As well as allowing you to track your delivery fleets, you can also use GPS technology to track high priority parcels and ensure that they are delivered safely and securely. This provides assurance and peace of mind for both you and your clients.

A stolen vehicle can be expensive to your company and can be potentially damaging to the relationships you have with your customers. In the event that either your vehicles or high value packages go missing, either through loss of theft, our GPS In Vehicle Monitoring Solutions will also enable you to identify their exact location and take measures to retrieve them. Once again, this will provide further reassurances for your clients.


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We, KGIT, are a leading IT solutions provider offering services in the fields of Fleet Management, Location Based Services, E-Learning, Tourism and more.


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