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Are you looking for ways to improve the profitability of your logistics or transportation Company? Do you want to ensure that your fleet is as efficient and productive as possible?

One of the many sectors in which the use of GPS Vehicle Monitoring Systems can be beneficial is within the logistics and transportation industries, enabling you to obtain advanced real time information about your fleet.

We pride ourselves in being experts in every industry in which we work – this allows us to tailor our GPS products to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Customer Service

Our GPS In Vehicle Monitoring Systems can also improve your levels of customer service. Having access to real time tracking information allows you to monitor your vehicles and ensure that deliveries are on time. If there is a problem with a vehicle or it is likely to be delayed, you can anticipate this and inform your clients accordingly.

Increasing Safety

When working in logistics and transportation, drivers can often work in some very remote and potentially dangerous areas. Our GPS In Vehicle Monitoring Systems protect both drivers and vehicles through real time vehicle tracking and hazardous area alerts. You can even monitor driver fatigue.

These solutions help to monitor driver behaviour and keep track of where your drivers are, especially in the event of an emergency situation.

Increasing Productivity and Profitability

IVMS software allows for the track of vehicles and assets and helps increase cost effectiveness. Using our GPS Vehicle Monitoring Systems enables you to increase profitability by increasing billable miles whilst reducing fuel, maintenance and operating costs.

With a GPS In Vehicle Monitoring System in place, you can track the shortest difference between jobs, and monitor drivers’ habits such speeding, idling, and braking. By monitoring a vehicle’s servicing you can also ensure that your fleet is in optimum condition, which will in turn cut fuel costs. 

Fully Compliant

Utilsing GPS software enables you to automate log books, ensuring that your drivers are not at the wheel out of hours. This makes sure that you are fully compliant with the necessary regulations and legislation.
Use of our devices also ensure that your drivers are not distracted at the wheel and, more importantly, that they are not breaking the law.


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