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Are you a government fleet manager under pressure to meet the high levels of public demand for your services? Do you need to know where your vehicles are at all times, and what your drivers are doing with them? 

Are you looking for a way to effectively and efficiently manage and track your assets and infrastructure?

We have a solution. Our GPS In Vehicle Monitoring Systems allow you to effectively track and manage your government fleets, providing real time data relating to your drivers’ efficiency, the condition of the fleet, and the productivity of your workforce. As well as increasing the productivity and accountability of your government or public service company,

our technology will also help you to protect your reputation and avoid a potential Public Relations crisis.

Improved accountability

In government and public sector organisations, it is vital that you are able to account for your spending and justify your actions.

The data that can be collated using GPS In Vehicle Monitoring Systems can be used to demonstrate your practical and financial efficiency, and efforts to increase this efficiency further.

Reduced Expenditure

In the long run, investing in GPS In Vehicle Monitoring Systems can substantially reduce your business costs. Enhancing productivity and efficiency will, in turn reduce mileage and expenditure on fuel. The added safety and security benefits brought by the GPS technology may also positively impact upon insurance premiums as well as minimising the need to replace equipment due to loss or theft.

Reduced CO2 emissions

As well as reducing fuel costs, optimising routes and cutting down on mileage will also reduce your CO2 emissions.

Limiting your carbon footprint is increasingly important for businesses, especially in the public and governmental sectors.

By introducing our GPS In Vehicle Monitoring Systems, you will reap a number of benefits.

Increased safety and security

The ability to track your fleet and knowing exactly where each vehicle is at any time is highly beneficial. In the event of an emergency or an incident involving one of your vehicles or members of staff, you will be able to quickly and simply identify their location and act accordingly.Your drivers and employees will also be able to rest assured knowing that they are safe, secure and able to raise the alarm if necessary.

Increased productivity

With our GPS technology, you will be able to track your fleet in real time, allowing you to see the actual routes taken by each vehicle, rather than an ‘as the crow flies’ representation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Analysing this data will enable you to optimise routing and decrease excessive idling and reduce mileage.  


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